Can solar panels be damaged by hail?

Can solar panels be damaged by hail

Sitting out in the elements 24/7, you might have questions about the durability of solar panels and their ability to withstand severe weather events. While earthquakes, superstorms and hurricanes are reasonably rare, it’s not so unusual to experience a summer storm complete with hail. Hail- large chunks of ice falling from the sky, have been known to scratch and dent cars and cause damage to the average roof. So, can hail damage your solar panels?

While possible, hail damage to solar panels is extremely unlikely. Solar panels are engineered to endure the trials of outdoor living. Solar panels are constructed with silicon, an abundant non-metallic chemical element with semi-conducting properties that is incredibly durable. Silicon comprises 30% of the earth’s crust and in its pure form, is a shiny, dark grey crystalline product. The solar panel itself is made up of multiple solar cells which are placed in series and electrically interconnected. After this, they are sandwiched between glass and plastics, then framed.

Solar panel construction is quite an intricate process, and manufacturers are required to safety test their products with stringent guidelines and policies. At Sun2u, all our solar panel systems are approved for use in Australia and compliant under the Clean Energy Regulator guidelines. The international standard for hail testing solar panels is the ability to tolerate hailstones with a diameter of 25 millimetres, a weight of 7.53 grams, and a travel speed/velocity of 82.8 kilograms (IEC621215). Most good quality panels will have a tolerance level that is even more superior.

It is not unusual for solar panel systems to survive severe hail storms that roofs, windows and cars don’t. They are far more sturdy and reliable, however, should your system ever experience hail damage, your home insurance policy should cover the costs of repairs.

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