Spring Gardening Tips

spring gardening tips

Spring is here, the sun is out and the chill has dissipated. Most people first think of spring cleaning, but for those who love the environment and the outdoors, we think it’s time for some spring gardening!

Whether you already have an established garden, or you’re looking to start planting- here’s some spring gardening tips.

  1. Spring clean the garden

Get started by spring cleaning the garden ready for bigger projects. Remove any debris left over from autumn and winter, such as sticks and leaves. If you have garden tools, sharpen them now to prepare for the months ahead, as your plants and soil will need maintenance over the warmer months. Remove any weeds from the garden and your lawn too, ensuring they come out from the roots.

  1. Lawn care

There’s nothing better for front yard landscaping than a green lawn. During the spring, your lawn can really come to life. You can help keep the grass green by aerating it with a garden fork and applying week killer at the beginning of the season. A few weeks later, apply fertiliser to strengthen grass growth and inhibit the appearance of new weeds.

If you’re looking to lay grass on your property, spring is a great season to do this as it will have time to bed in before the summer heat really hits.

  1. Trim and prune

Now is the time to prune any trees and trim any hedges to encourage them to grow. You don’t want to wait too long on this as with some plants, you’ll risk cutting off the buds.

  1. Soil care

After winter, your soil will need some revitalisation. Spring is the time to treat the soil to add some more nutrients and moisture by using compost and fertiliser. Additionally, mulch can prevent weeds and help to maintain moisture and temperature.

spring gardening tips

  1. Planting time

Now that your garden is clean and your soil is healthy, it’s time to start planting. Just about any plant can be planted in spring, that’s why it’s known as the season of growth. You can plant trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit and vegetables and they should be established before the sun gets too hot. Before choosing your plants, make sure you research their specific planting and care instructions so you know what you need to do to maintain them.

  1. Protect your garden from pests

While spring provides fertile grounds and conditions for new plant life, this growth can also attract multiple pests. Look in to pest prevention and insecticide options that work best for the plants you have or that you’re intending to plant. The last thing you want is to put in the hard yards to make your yard and garden beautiful, only to then see it destroyed by pests.

At Sun2u, we care about the environment. As the garden depends on sunlight for growth, our homes can also be powered by the natural energy of the sun. If you’re interested in learning more about green living, or harnessing the power of the sun to reduce your living costs, give us a call at Sun2u today on 4001 0505.