Sun2u is experienced in providing solar power solutions to residential and commercial businesses. Users have much to gain from harnessing the power of the sun. The price of solar power has reduced significantly over recent years to the point where the cost of solar power is much the same as grid power when considered over equipment life cycle.

Sun2u uses the newest technology opening up new options for the cost environmentally conscious commercial building owner and home owner. Solar power could save your business or family home thousands of dollars in energy costs so call us now!


Our commercial electrical solar team covers solar power systems installed on commercial businesses throughout Newcastle and Hunter Valley. We are experienced in the design and installation of new or upgraded solar power systems.

Any business has the potential to receive benefit installing a commercial scale solar power system. The design of commercial solar PV grid connect systems is key to ensure the maximum benefit is received.

Heading into the future commercial solar battery storage will have increasingly significant impact on how business manager their electricity costs. Sun2u is the leading installers of commercial solar power systems in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Solar Power Commercial
Solar Power Residential


Join the thousands of homes across Newcastle and the Hunter Valley that already harness solar power.  Home owners can obtain significant benefit from utilising a solar power system, even more when combined with a solar battery.

Sun2u have been installing residential solar power systems and solar batteries for decades. We are able to offer a range of solar power systems designed to suit different energy needs and budgets.