Some may say “Get off the Grid,” We say, “stay on the Grid and SAVE!”

Battery storage is the smart way to maximise the return on investment for your solar system.

Despite popular opinion, with careful usage, power from the grid is still the cheapest energy source.

We recommend a Hybrid Solar System which enables users to store the energy that is generated by their solar array during peak generation periods when the demand is lighter and then use later when energy demand is higher and more expensive. This enables maximum use of the energy generated by the solar array.

Buying a Hybrid Solar System from Sun2u will mean that when the grid fails, your system will keep going. Using a hybrid system, energy that you generate during the day is not wastefully fed back into the grid with minimal financial return to you. The energy is stored and can be used in the evening or whenever you like.

A hybrid solar system can also be set up to provide a backup power source that is available when grid power is lost.

Hybrid Solar Systems give you energy security, self-sufficiency, allowing you to lock in your future cost of electricity, control when you use your solar power and provide an uninterrupted power supply when there is an interruption to the grid power.

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