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Sun2u are licensed solar power electricians with decades of experience in the installation of solar batteries and solar storage. Serving the Newcastle and Hunter Valley, Sun2u has the expertise to tailor the most energy efficient solar power system for residential, business or commercial premises. Our reputation means you can trust our highly trained electricians to provide the right advice and tailor the right solar system for your premises and particular circumstances.

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Solar Power Newcastle

Sun2u are specialist electricians in providing solar power solutions to the people of Newcastle and Hunter Valley. This allows us to present a total solar power package to the customer incorporating design and installation. Sun2u also are qualified in general electrical offering 24 hour maintenance and breakdown service.

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Are solar panels worth the investment?

You’ve probably heard a lot of commentary around the economic benefits of solar panels. Your neighbour may think it’s too expensive and a complete waste, while your Uncle Bob rants and raves about his solar panels and how his last electricity bill was only $50 dollars for the entire quarter- even though he’s got a […]

Can solar panels be damaged by hail
Can solar panels be damaged by hail?

Sitting out in the elements 24/7, you might have questions about the durability of solar panels and their ability to withstand severe weather events. While earthquakes, superstorms and hurricanes are reasonably rare, it’s not so unusual to experience a summer storm complete with hail. Hail- large chunks of ice falling from the sky, have been […]

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