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Sun2u are licensed solar power electricians with decades of experience in the installation of solar batteries and solar storage. Serving the Newcastle and Hunter Valley, Sun2u has the expertise to tailor the most energy efficient solar power system for residential, business or commercial premises. Our reputation means you can trust our highly trained electricians to provide the right advice and tailor the right solar system for your premises and particular circumstances.

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Solar Power Newcastle

Sun2u are specialist electricians in providing solar power solutions to the people of Newcastle and Hunter Valley. This allows us to present a total solar power package to the customer incorporating design and installation. Sun2u also are qualified in general electrical offering 24 hour maintenance and breakdown service.

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spring gardening tips
Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is here, the sun is out and the chill has dissipated. Most people first think of spring cleaning, but for those who love the environment and the outdoors, we think it’s time for some spring gardening! Whether you already have an established garden, or you’re looking to start planting- here’s some spring gardening tips. […]

Composting…. Where do I start?

At Sun2u, we believe in green living and reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. One of the really easy things you can do to be more environmentally friendly at home, is starting a composting pile. What is compost? It’s a mild, slow release fertiliser that is completely natural. It’s organically produced and will improve plant […]

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